Air Handling Units

SKM Air Handling Units are designed to meet the heating, ventilation and air conditioning demand of the space while consuming less energy and generating less noise.

The Air Handling Units are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations, catering to wide range of applications such as Schools, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Cinemas, Mosques, Supermarkets, etc.,

SKM offers Air Handling Unit from 1,000 CFM to 60,950CFM in three different series; Modular Air Handling Units (MAH), Hygienic Modular Air Handling units (HMAH) and Comfort Air Handling Units (CAH).

Units are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facility and the products offered are certified by International regulatory bodies like AHRI, Eurovent and TUV.

Modular Air Handling Units (MAH)

Modular Air Handling Units (MAH) manufactured in modular sections and can be provided with a whole range of standard components, in many different configurations. Units can be supplied with an entire range of panel configuration to suit every application. Different sectional arrangements and fan discharge positions are possible depending on the site constraints and requirements. MAH units are with thermal break system applied for both panels and frames.

MAH Units are available in 25 models to deliver from 1000 cfm (472 l/s) to 60 000 cfm (28318 l/s) nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8.0 inWG (2 000 Pa).

Certification for MAH Series :

Certified according to standards EN1886 & EN13053.

Certified in accordance with AHRI 430.

Coil performance is certified in accordance with AHRI 410 standard.

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Modular Air Handling Units (UKS)

Modular Air Handling Units (UKS) meets the required level of indoor air quality while maintaining the humidity and the temperature under control. They ensure the ideal comfort for commercial buildings with modular, flexible and environmental solutions and provide high energy savings. Air handling units that offer the advantage of just-in-time delivery with lean production philosophy add value to your projects with long lasting high performance thanks to its easy-to-integrate structure that eliminates all the difficulties during onsite assembly.

Air handling units’ performances have been tested in Third Party laboratories. The models and their conformity to the selection software has been verified in accordance to EN 1886 standards. UKS Series Air handling units comes in both Standard and Hygienic Construction. The air handling unit with Hygienic construction complies to DIN 1946-4 and VDI-6022 Standard.

Units are manufactured in a facility registered to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing quality standards.

UKS Units are available in 23 models to deliver from 588 cfm (277 l/s) to 58 825 cfm (27777 l/s) nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8.0 inWG (2000 Pa).

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Hygienic Modular Air Handling units (HMAH)

Hygienic Modular Air Handling Unit (HMAH), are ideal, where the requirements of cleaning and hygiene are mandatory, like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food industry, electronic facilities and clean room applications.

HMAH Units are available in 21 models to deliver from 1000 cfm (472 l/s) to 42500 cfm (20058 l/s) nominal air flow rate against total static pressure up to 8.0 inwg (2000 Pa).

SKM hygienic AHU's are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, according to VDI 6022 standard and DIN 1946 standard.

Comfort Air Handling Units (CAH)

SKM CAH Series Air Handling Unit, designed for indoor installation, compact and rigid in construction, completely factory assembled and offer easy site handling and maintenance, minimum installation time and labour expense. CAH units are an economical solution for most applications, available in both horizontal (HCAH) & Vertical (VCAH) and also available in Modular construction (HCAH-A & HCAH-2A).

CAH series, available in 15 sizes, cover the range of 900 - 20000 cfm (425 - 9440 l/s) nominal air flow rate and total static pressure up to 5.0"wg (1250 Pa).

Latest Catalogue Bulletin No.: 019/2014 A

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SKM Ecology Unit (SEU)

SKM SEU series Ecology Units are ideal for large restaurants and dinning areas in hotels, shopping centers, schools to avoid negative impact on the daily functioning of people.

SEU series capable of handling extract ventilation of upto 24,000 cfm is developed by SKM to ensure removal of odour and grease particulates from commercial kitchens using a 3 or 4 steps filtration system at a low operational cost.

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