Swimpool Unit

SKM Swimpool unit is developed for an indoor swimming pool dehumidification process with an eye towards controlling costs, both terms of minimising energy usage and preventing future building maintenance problems. Its primary duty will be to dehumidify and reclaim the huge amount of latent heat that usually would be wasted. SKM Swimpool unit is mechanical dehumidification equipment with built everything in one packaged, providing an economical method for controlling the pool environment.

Swimpool Unit : R22

The basic operating principle of the SwimPool is simple. Air is drawn from the pool enclosure through the dehumidification coil where moisture and heat are removed. Condensing the moisture on the coil releases the same amount of heat that was required to evaporate it from the pool surface. This heat is called latent heat and is transferred into the evaporating refrigerant. The air which cools during this process releases heat called sensible heat, that is also transferred into the evaporating refrigerant. On a well-designed system, the latent heat will be approximately the same as sensible heat. When the refrigerant leaves the dehumidification coil, it is completely evaporated into a vapour and drawn into the compressor.

The compressor raises the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant vapour. The energy required to do this is transferred into the refrigerant vapour and is called compressor heat. The refrigerant now contains sensible and latent heat from the air and the compressor heat. This combination called the total heat of rejection is available for pool use.

The high-pressure refrigerant then passes to the reheat condenser where it is condensed. The air leaving the dehumidification coil is cold and nearly saturated. It must be heated to at least the pool air temperature, or it will cool the pool air. As the air passes through the reheat condenser where it receives heat from the condensing refrigerant, all of the sensible heat released from the air in the dehumidification process must be returned to the air by the reheat condenser; this brings the air back up to the pool air temperature.

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