Testing Laboratory

SKM Testing Laboratory is primarily dedicated to Research and Development of SKM product line to strengthen its quality further and to contribute to solving Heating, Ventilating, and Air-conditioning industry issues. It also offers a comprehensive range of performance tests for SKM customers, other air-conditioning equipment manufacturers and any other interested parties.

SKM Laboratory testing procedures are based on AMCA, ASHRAE and AHRI standards which cover operating performance, cooling and heating capacity, energy consumption, air flow rate, and the likes whichever is applicable.

SKM Testing Laboratory has three labs- two Psychrometric Loops and one chiller testing lab. SKM Testing Laboratory has the unmatched capability to do performance testing in the ranges of 1.5 TR to 490 TR based on ASHRAE standards. SKM laboratory team consists of qualified engineers and technicians to ensure quality test output. They follow and implement ISO 17025 which covers competency of a testing laboratory. The facility has state of the art equipment to ensure accuracy and reliability.

The facility is made up of an indoor, outdoor and computerised control room. Computerized control room allows flexibility to control different variables for a certain test procedure for a specific unit. Indoor side contains psychrometric loop wherein reconditioning equipment and airflow measuring apparatus are integrated. The outdoor side temperature is being controlled based on the required ambient temperature for the test unit.